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MegaSquirt V3.57 Main Board

The V3.57 is a surface-mount device (SMD) version of the MegaSquirt® V3 'thru-hole' main board. The 3.57 version of the board was created in order to allow for automated assembly of the majority of components using automated pick and place (machine assembly) and reflow soldering (thru-hole components are harder to assemble since the leads must be inserted into rather small holes, and there's lots that can go wrong in that process. SMD also means that holes don't have to be drilled in the first place, and the SMD components are smaller and often cheaper than corresponding thru-hole components).

Although this board uses surface-mount components, the layout is the same as in the V3 main board (with the exceptions noted below). Component numbering remains the same in nearly all cases. In fact, this board version started with the V3 main board, and maintains the 4-layer construction and power distribution. It is the same size (4" x 6") and the connectors are in the same places, so it fits in the standard case with no modifications (though some modifications may be necessary for additional functionality).

Note that the V3.57 board is not a replacement for the 'build-it-yourself' boards, but rather an additional version of the MegaSquirt® main board intended to make life easier for distributors who are building their boards for resale.

Functionally, the V3.57 board operates identically to the V3 main board with only minor alterations for additional support and functionality.

The differences on the V3.57 board (compared to the V3 thru-hole main board) are:

The full schematics are here: hardware.htm

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