Bill of Materials - Digi-Key Order Form

MegaSquirt Stimulator (MegaStim) by Jeff Clarke

This is the MegaSquirt Stimulator ordering form for Digi-Key. It will allow you to assemble the MegaSquirt® Stimulator with just a printed circuit board (PCB). Note that some additional parts will be required, as noted near the bottom of the form.

Change any quantities to the numbers you want, and click the button to send your order to Digi-Key. If the default quantities are used, the price for a 'MegaStim parts kit' should be $21.33, as of June 2005.

Quantities are as required for MegaStim , except where minimum order quantities are required. In these cases, the minimum is ordered, with the required quantity in (brackets).

To order complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that you have the quantities you want for each item below.

  2. Then send your order to Digi-Key:

    (Go to Ordering Homepage and "CREATE NEW ORDER" if you want to start over with an order after you have submitted it.)

  3. You will be redirected to Digi-Key to verify your order, payment method, and shipping details.

Digi-Key P/N
per kit
Female DB37 90 deg PCB connector 5.91 5.91
10 KOhm potentiometer 0.98 3.96
(2) 0.01 decoupling cap 0.42 0.84
(1) 0.33 timing cap 0.534 5.34
(1) 1.3k ohm resistor, 1/4W 0.056 0.28
(2) 1.0k ohm resistor, 1/4W 0.056 0.28
(1) 33k ohm resistor, 1/4W 0.056 0.28
(4) 330 ohm resistor, 1/4W 0.056 0.28
(1) 390 ohm resistor, 1/2W 0.046 0.23
(4) LED 0.098 0.98
LM555 Timer IC 0.50 0.50
9V Battery Snap 0.46 0.46
NPN Transistor PN2222A - see below 0.15 0.30
50k potentiometer 0.99 0.99
2 position terminal block 0.37 0.37
Shipping and processing may be extra, depending on your location and order size $21.33
Here are the other parts you'll need to build your MegaStim: Some MegaSquirt® Related Links:
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

One - RPMC - 1Mohm potentiometer - Mouser P/N 317-2090-1M - $0.98 (required)

Note: Some people have reported replacing the RPMC pot with Digi-Key CT94W105-ND for $1.43. It apparently works, but it is physically quite different from the other pots. It would require a small screwdriver for adjustment, and may take many turns to reach your desired setting.

You may be able to pick the above item up locally.

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* - The PN2222AD26ZCT-ND {or ZTX450-ND} will work as a drop-in replacement for the 2N2222A. The package is different (TO-92) such that the leads are in-lined, but it is in the "E-B-C" order just like the 2N2222A. For the metal-can 2N2222A, if you hold the device, looking from the top, with the tab pointing towards the 2:00 position on the clock, the emitter is at 12:00, the base is at 9:00, and the collector is at 6:00. For the PN2222AD26ZCT-ND, if you hold the flat side facing 9:00 on the clock, looking from the top again, the emitter is on the top or 12:00 position, the base is in the center, and the collector is down at 6:00. Simply bend out the center lead towards the flat side (towards the 9:00 position) and the part will drop right in the hole.

- If you are new to electronic assembly, you may want to socket the 555 chip. This makes it much easier to replace the chip if you install it backwards or damaged the chip. Use Digi-Key part number AE7208-ND ($0.35).

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